Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Piper

I have a yellow labrador retriever named Piper.  Drew and I got her last August... and incidentally got pregnant with Gabriel about a week or so later.  After having this adorable puppy (yes, she is still a puppy--labs are considered puppies until they're two) for almost a year now, I have had a chance to observe her at her best... and at her worst.

Worst-- peeing a river on the floor every time she is greeted
Best-- only having three accidents in the house (excited pee not included)
Worst-- pulling my arm out of its socket on walks
Best-- helping me get out of the house to walk while pregnant
Worst-- eating everything we put in her crate (this includes beds and towels)
Best-- not minding being in her crate for hours while we go to church/small group
Worst-- chewing the shag rug in our living room
Best-- I don't like the shag rug :)
Worst-- being completely unruly whenever we see dogs/people on our walks
Best-- absolutely loving children

This last aspect of Piper's disposition is the one I love the most.  When my brother, Anderson, came to stay with us, Piper fell in love.  Anderson was a little skittish around her at first (understandable, considering her size and playfulness... not to mention her whip of a tail), but after a day or so, he warmed up to her completely.  They played tag together and Piper let Anderson boss her around, although she didn't listen to any of his commands, probably because she couldn't understand him.  He called her "Hopper" and repeated "Hopper, hit!" incessantly.  (Translation, "Piper, sit!")  Piper also let Anderson poke her eyes, pull her ears, and touch her teeth.  I was very impressed.

A few days ago, Gabriel started to notice Piper.  He follows her with his eyes, completely fascinated.  Then, two days ago, I was changing Gabriel's diaper and Piper was laying very close to us as she usually does (labs have no concept of personal space, in case you didn't know).  Gabriel started flailing his hands and touched her, grabbing a handful of her neck in his little grasp.  It was accidental, but Piper didn't know that.  She got all excited and started sniffing his face while Gabriel tried to suck on her nose.  Then, Piper found his hand and proceeded to lick it for about 10 seconds.  Gabriel laid there, completely still, with a look of awe on his face.  It was priceless.  I wish I'd gotten it on video.

Needless to say, I have the best dog in the world... despite her "worsts." :)
Anderson + Piper = BFFs.
Piper on the shag rug.


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