Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 25

On this day, twenty-five years ago, my parents were married.  Their marriage has impacted me more than any other relationship I know.  As their daughter, I have observed their marriage from a very close vantage point.

They have faced many things together:
- welcoming nine little mischief-makers into your home as gifts from God (I was an angel, of course!)
- facing unemployment with five little mouths to feed
- moving from Texas to Canada and then back again
- starting over in Virginia with no family around
- following God’s call to plant a church
- building a house together
- successfully pastoring a quickly-growing church while maintaining time for each other and their children
- embracing my husband as a sixth son
- becoming grandparents
- and many more that I am probably not aware of

I have watched how God multiplied their love for each other with each new addition; how He strengthened their commitment to each other through every trial they faced; how He knit their hearts closer together with every blessing He bestowed.

Although I’m sure that both of them would say that the last twenty-five years have been far from easy, they have made it look so (even to their children, who are typically witnesses to any flaws and shortcomings).  I know their marriage is far from perfect, but it is certainly one I want to emulate.

Mom and Dad, I thank you for demonstrating such a life of commitment and love, leaving a legacy for your children.  I hope and pray that my marriage will be as strong as yours.  Your marriage truly is the reflection of God.  I love you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monthly update... ha

Well, so much has been going on... I don't even know where to start!

I guess I'll start with the most exciting news... we found out a few weeks ago that we're having a baby girl!  I'm beyond excited.  We decided on the name Hallie Ruth.  It's hard to believe that I only have less than fifteen weeks to go.  I can't wait to meet my daughter!

To update from my last post (which was entirely too long ago), Drew ended up getting the job in Houston.  Praise the Lord!  He started on Monday, July 11th, so he just started his third week of work today.  So far, he loves it. :)

It's bittersweet, of course.  With the job comes the move.  Drew found a cute 3-bedroom apartment; we move in August 14th.  I dread leaving Dallas, but I have to admit that I'm excited for the blank canvas that a new house will provide.  I'm already dreaming about how I'm going to decorate my babies' rooms.  Hehe.

Currently, I'm in Calgary, Alberta, on vacation with most of my family.  I've been here since July 6th, enjoying the cool weather, Big Turk bars, Swiss Chalet, and extended family.

It's been amusing to watch my three-year-old brother and my one-year-old son interact.  They crack me up.  Anderson calls Gabriel "my wil nephew."  Anderson doesn't share his toys and kind of bullies him, but that's okay.  Gabriel gets him back in the bathtub by splashing up a storm and getting water in Anderson's eyes.  LOL.

Of course, I've been missing my beloved hubby something fierce!  I have another two weeks to go before I see him again, making it four weeks total.  I definitely don't want to do it again!  Anyway, I get back to Texas on August 7th... and then move on the 14th!  Busy, busy!

Well, I've been without internet for almost three weeks now... so I'm going to finish this up and go play. ;) Hopefully I'll get another update in before August.  Ha.


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