Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Mantle

The past few weeks months, I've been working on getting my living room decorated.  I'm one of those people who has a hard time getting abstract, theoretical ideas into concrete results.  And when it comes to decorating, I'm even worse than usual.  I don't know why.

Confession:  I never had a nursery ready for either of my kids.  Am I a terrible mom or WHAT?!

Just to give you an idea of how slow I am, I've been working at decorating this 1750 sq. foot apartment for almost a year.  Yes.  A year. I started with the easy projects:  the bathrooms.  Both kids' rooms are far from finished and the same is true for my room.  But hey, all three bathrooms look great. :|

Anyway, the living room is finally coming together.  YAY!  I'm so proud of the work I did, even if it wasn't very much.

Let's start with the mantle, shall we?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Onesie Projects

So... this has been sitting in my drafts folder since, like, April. I finally got around to taking pictures. :|

I've been playing around with some of Hallie's onesies and my Silhouette machine lately.  The main reason I haven't posted any of the crafts I've done is because somehow my mom brain forgot to take any and all pictures.

Sometimes I wonder how I remember to eat.  Oh wait, I occasionally forget that, too.

But I digress.

Here are some pictures of the finished onesies.  I don't have the processes laid out for you, but they're pretty simple.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A failed blogger...

That's me.  What?

My life has been the definition of crazy for the past month and a half.  I actually did start -- and finish! -- some projects, but I have not had chance to blog to save my life.  Between having family in town, traveling, more family, more traveling, and more family, I haven't had a spare moment to myself.  And we travel again in a few weeks! -sigh-

In any case, I'm going to attempt to update with the few projects I've completed over the last few weeks.  I've had one post sitting in my drafts since like April because I keep forgetting to take pictures. Go figure.

Stay tuned to check out what I've been up to!


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