Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Month of March

March has always been an important month for me.... actually, for my whole family.  First and most importantly (haha), my birthday falls on the 11th -- 23 this year, baby!  But, I share this month with so many special people.

My great-aunt -- March 4
My great-grandfather -- March 5 (although I never knew him)
My grandmother -- March 7
My uncle -- March 7
My dad -- March 9
My little sister -- March 12
My baby brother -- March 19

And, there's also the most important date of all, for real:  my wedding anniversary on March 15.  I can't believe it will be three years!

So, these are all the dates my family looks forward to in the wonderful month of March. :) And this year, there's one more reason to be excited:  I'm going home!  It's my birthday present from my parents, my sisters, and my husband.

I am beyond excited.  I am ecstatic.


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