Monday, June 25, 2012

Onesie Projects

So... this has been sitting in my drafts folder since, like, April. I finally got around to taking pictures. :|

I've been playing around with some of Hallie's onesies and my Silhouette machine lately.  The main reason I haven't posted any of the crafts I've done is because somehow my mom brain forgot to take any and all pictures.

Sometimes I wonder how I remember to eat.  Oh wait, I occasionally forget that, too.

But I digress.

Here are some pictures of the finished onesies.  I don't have the processes laid out for you, but they're pretty simple.

The first one is using smooth heat transfer.  I received the starter set from my dear MIL for my birthday.  This was the first thing I attempted.

Seriously had to cut it out like 50 times (or three) before I was able to actually get it to work.  Apparently something is wrong with my blade; every time I cut stuff out, I always have to adjust the blade to one sharper than the default.  It's been like that since I got the machine, but for some reason I didn't remember (shocker).

Edit two months later: it PEELS! :( I'm highly disappointed!  I'm not sure it's the product--I'm more than willing to admit user error--but it seems that every thing I make with the heat transfer material ends up partly coming off.  Am I doing something wrong??

Anyway.  I made the shirt to match the CUTEST skirt that Hallie got for Christmas.  Here she is wearing it!

She's a thumb sucker!

The second project I made was also with the heat transfer, only with the flocked this time.  I adjusted my blade before making the first cut, so everything came out the first time. Yay!

This onesie came in a set, but it looked so plain to me.  So I bought this little birdie to go on it.  Adorablee!

Hallie quite likes it, too. ^_^

She doesn't like sitting still; apologies for the blurry pic.
I also made some personalized onesies for a friend who just had a little boy, but I forgot to get pictures.  I'm bummed about it, because they were really cute.  I used one of my hubby's old dress shirts that had torn and did one onesie with an initial 'B' and the other with a pickup truck with black button wheels.  Whew.  Sewing buttons on is hard work.  It may or may not have been my first time to attempt it.  I put liquid stitch over the thread, just to be safe.  Ha!

I got the rhinestone starter set for my birthday, as well, so hopefully I'll be breaking that out soon... when I next have time!

Lastly, I finally got around to making a ruffle butt onesie for Hallie.  It's supposed to match one of the ones I made for my niece, which, unfortunately doesn't fit her anymore.  Darn babies grow so fast! So much for matching cousins.  Oh well, it isn't like they don't have any other matching clothes! ;)

Here's a picture of the front and butt back.

And, because I love this pic...
Peeking around the camera to see mommy!
More updates coming soon!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS. She's adorable. And I miss her and cannot wait to hug and kiss her this summer! ♥♥♥



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