Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 25

On this day, twenty-five years ago, my parents were married.  Their marriage has impacted me more than any other relationship I know.  As their daughter, I have observed their marriage from a very close vantage point.

They have faced many things together:
- welcoming nine little mischief-makers into your home as gifts from God (I was an angel, of course!)
- facing unemployment with five little mouths to feed
- moving from Texas to Canada and then back again
- starting over in Virginia with no family around
- following God’s call to plant a church
- building a house together
- successfully pastoring a quickly-growing church while maintaining time for each other and their children
- embracing my husband as a sixth son
- becoming grandparents
- and many more that I am probably not aware of

I have watched how God multiplied their love for each other with each new addition; how He strengthened their commitment to each other through every trial they faced; how He knit their hearts closer together with every blessing He bestowed.

Although I’m sure that both of them would say that the last twenty-five years have been far from easy, they have made it look so (even to their children, who are typically witnesses to any flaws and shortcomings).  I know their marriage is far from perfect, but it is certainly one I want to emulate.

Mom and Dad, I thank you for demonstrating such a life of commitment and love, leaving a legacy for your children.  I hope and pray that my marriage will be as strong as yours.  Your marriage truly is the reflection of God.  I love you.

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