Monday, August 08, 2011

Hello, Houston

Well, folks, today is my first full day in Houston.  I'm sitting here in our cutely-furnished temporary apartment trying to take it all in.  Everything feels so surreal because I just got back from a 6-week vacation.  I arrived back in Dallas on Saturday night and drove down to Houston Sunday morning.

It's so weird to realize that I'm not living in Dallas anymore.  I almost can't even comprehend it!  Part of me thinks that I'm still on vacation--just spending a week or so in another new place.  But at the same time, another part knows that this is permanent.

Maybe when we move into our new apartment on Sunday, things will start making sense again.

In other news... Gabriel finally said "Ma-Ma" today.  He's said it two or three times before, just baby babbling, but today he repeated it when I asked him to and he seemed to finally make the connection between me and the word.  I'm very happy.  I've been waiting my whole life to hear the name.

Funny that he picked our first day in Houston to say it.  I guess I needed some cheering up today.  Thanks, God.



  1. Congratulations, Taylor-lynn on all of God's increase in your lives! I think it is very significant that Gabriel said "ma-ma" today! You are blessed!

  2. To me, his saying that marks the new chapter of your lives. You'll ALWAYS remember this day. It connects the newness of surroundings to the new "big boy" stage of his life. He is growing so much, allowing ample room for the new baby. :) :) :) (but still some :( :( because I don't want him getting biggg).

    Houston holds so much for you, Tay.



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