Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life is precious

This morning, I read the heartbreaking story of James Camden Sikes.  I followed a link on Facebook, posted by the photographer who took Gabriel's newborn pictures (I love her work, especially of babies).  I had no idea what my heart was getting into.

I fought tears as I read Katie's version of the story, but could fight them no longer when I watched the video that they put together.

I'm in tears again as I write this, having just read some of Kara Sikes' posts about dealing with her loss.  It's so hard to read because I keep imagining myself in her shoes.  What if it had been my sweet Gabriel?  How would I have dealt with the loss of my precious baby boy?

I think the thing I hate most in the world is babies and children dying.  To me, there is no greater evidence of the Fall.  Death is hard to deal with no matter who is dying, but there is just something wrong with life being snuffed out before it's even had a chance.

I've been sitting here, weeping, for the past half-hour trying to decide how to end this post.  I hear Gabriel stirring from his nap in the other room and I want nothing more than to just cuddle him, if he'll let me.

I vow to cherish every single moment with my baby boy (and my baby girl, too, when she comes).

I'm so grateful to God for the gift(s) he's given me.

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  1. You're such a good mommy, Taylor. Your babies are sooooo lucky. I hope Gabey let you snuggle him a little today. I pray for your family so often; God has is hand in their lives and yours & Drew's!



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