Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hello, September!

But not necessarily goodbye summer!

I know that summer for most people has already ended, but not so much for me. There are quite a few reasons why I can say that summer lives on in my house right now.

- It's still ridiculously hot, although we've had a "cool front" since last week -- highs in the 90s.

- I'm still wearing my white capris. I'm pregnant and it's still in the 90s. Give me a break.

- This is the first year since starting kindergarten that I haven't had a first day of school. It's a great (albeit strange) feeling.

- I'm still in unpacking/decorating mode, which for some reason makes me feel like it's still summer.

- Fall means Halloween and Halloween means Hallie will be making her appearance. I'm not ready (see above).

- I'm in the middle of two books right now and I already have a few in mind for when they're finished. Nothing says summer like time to read!

So, to all my friends who have made the leap into fall... I envy you your cool weather and your change of season, but I'll be staying in summer for a few more weeks.


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