Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hello, Old Friend.

You know that one piece of clothing?

That one that you put on and it just makes you feel good, no matter what it looks like or how it looks on you?  That one that you've had for ages and brings back so many memories?

For me, this piece of clothing is my purple sweatshirt.

My mom and I found it at either Steinmart or TJ Maxx about ten years ago.  I was in search of warm clothes for my first PK/MK retreat in seventh grade.  I fell in love with it immediately, despite the fact that I never have (and never will) like purple.

It became my constant winter companion for the next few years.  Those of you who knew me in middle school and even high school will probably remember this sweatshirt making its appearance at youth retreats and winter outings.

I pulled out some of my winter clothes today.  My purple sweatshirt was at the bottom.  I smiled when I saw it and pulled it out lovingly.  "There you are, old friend," I thought to myself, realizing that I hadn't even pulled it out last winter because of being pregnant (it probably would have still fit, as it's huuge).

I tried it on, noticing how misshapen it is from all the wear.  I saw the bleach stains on the sleeve from one time when I cleaned the kitchen sink for my mom, unwittingly bleaching my beloved sweatshirt as I worked.

Immediately, I pulled it on, relishing the feel of it.  It's not quite as soft as it once was, but that's okay.  It's faded and out of style, but that's okay, too.  It's my purple sweatshirt, and I will always love it.

I looked for a picture of me wearing this sweatshirt when I was younger, but couldn't find one among my digitals. :( 
I'll have to check my hard copy pictures (yay, early 2000's).

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  1. I love your writing, Taylor! It's so warm and calming. :) I definitely remember that purple sweatshirt. Thinking about it makes me miss YOU and miss our childhood days. Middle school and high school was so much fun with you. You were the BEST childhood best friend (once we stopped fighting) and you will ALWAYS BE my bff!!



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