Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Crafty Girl

Happy November, everyone!  It's hard to believe it's finally here -- the month I've been looking forward to since March!  Hallie Ruth is due in just THREE days.

Last week, I promised to share more crafts with you, so here they are!  My sister liked her birthday gift so much that I decided to make some for two more of my sisters who just celebrated their birthdays last week.  I've been itching to post about them, but once again had to wait until they were received!  Only downside to having your sisters read your blog. ;)

First up is for my baby sister, who turned 13 on October 24 (eek; still can't believe she's that old).

Kenzie is probably my most "Anne-ish" sister -- definitely a kindred spirit!  I couldn't resist using this quote.  Anyway, Kenzie has a cool zebra-themed room with purple and green accents, which inspired the color scheme.  I couldn't choose between the purple or green, so I went with both and I LOVE how it turned out!  I also picked a fun font that suited my sister's personality.  Yay for customizations!

Next up is for my oldest younger sister, who turned 22 on the 29th.

I have to admit that this is my favorite one I've made.  I didn't have a specific color scheme to follow, so I just went with what fit Destiny.  Her favorite color is purple, so I spent some time browsing in Michael's to find the perfect paper.  Everything just came together really nicely with this one. :)

I like these so much that I'm probably going to make myself some!  Gabriel and Hallie are probably going to be getting something with their names/meanings... as soon as I find the time to design them!

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  1. I am exceptionally honored to be your most "Anne-ish" sister :) Anyways, I LOVE the present that you got me and right when I opened it I put it on display in my room so everyone can see it right when they walk in :) I love this post too! You are soo creative!!

    P.S. See you in a week!! <3



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