Friday, October 05, 2012

Going Forward

Lately, I've been sensing a need to write.  It's something that God has laid on my heart and one that I keep getting away from in the busyness of life.  Every time I hit any momentum, something big happens (i.e. getting pregnant or having a baby) to draw my attention away.

The first step I'll be taking is returning this blog to a more writing-based outlet, rather than crafts.  I'm still going to craft, and I'll still (hopefully) share them on here occasionally.  But it honestly overwhelmed me, trying to remember to take pictures and everything.  Once I finished a project, the last thing I felt like doing was editing pictures and writing about it!  Hence the reason I haven't posted in a million years.

In any case... I will be writing more:  sharing more family anecdotes and giving voice to my thoughts going forward.  Ideally, I'd like to get back to posting once (or more) a week as I have time, but we'll see where that goes!

Thanks, all, for sticking with me!

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