Friday, February 19, 2010


I realize that this is almost one week late, however, there is good reason. :) Because of Drew's crazy studying schedule, we were unable to celebrate on Sunday (although he was a great husband and still got me candy and a card).  Instead, we planned to celebrate on Thursday, our weekly "date night."

He woke me up yesterday morning by cuddling close (my favorite way to wake) and whispering "Happy Louis Valentine's Day" in my ear before kissing me.  It was very sweet.  On his way out the door to work, I asked him what we were doing that evening and he said, quite cryptically, "I don't know... or maybe I do, and I'm surprising you."  This statement was accompanied by a wink before he left, leaving me to curiously wonder what he had up his sleeve.

At about two, he called me and told me to be ready by five-thirty and to have our puppy fed and taken out because we'd be out late.  No more details were given and I didn't ask.  Surprises aren't my favorite things in the world, but I like them four days out of the year:  Valentine's, birthday, anniversary, and Christmas. :)

As soon as I hopped (figuratively, I am six months pregnant, after all) into the car, Drew handed me an envelope and wished me a happy Valentine's day again.  Upon opening the envelope, I found two tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera the National Tour.  It had just come to Dallas the previous night and we had talked about maybe going to see it.  I was SO excited.  One of my life's dreams is to see that musical on a London stage... but seeing it in Dallas with my husband (and Gabriel wiggling throughout the whole performance) was so very, very special.

We had just enough time to go eat at Cheesecake Factory before the musical started!  I didn't get cheesecake, because I have issues with acid reflux (and I still have leftover chocolate from Sunday), but it was still a wonderful dinner.

We upgraded our seats after we got there to the twelfth row.  We weren't center stage, but they were still amazing seats.  I could not believe that I was sitting there, so close to the stage, about to see Broadway's longest running musical.  When the music started, I nearly cried (I blame the hormones).

In any case, it was seriously the best Valentine's day and the best date night that I have ever experienced.  If anyone doubts that my husband is the best husband in the world, those doubts should be laid to rest. :)

♥ TL

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  1. I am SO happy that you penned your Valentine's Day experience! I am glad to finally hear some of the details. Tell Drew that I am very impressed and that he definitely knows you well. How was the music? I bet Baby Gabey enjoyed liked all those beautiful melodies/harmonies.

    ps. I LOVE your "figurative" language regarding pregnancy. ;)



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