Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Wiggles

There really is something surreal about having life inside of you.  Sometimes, when I'm busy doing other things, I forget that I'm expecting.  That is, until Gabriel decides to remind me of his presence with a wiggle or two.  Sometimes it's just enough to remind me that he's there; other times, it's enough movement to make me pause in whatever I'm doing and just feel him.  It's incredible.  Pregnancy is incredible.  Sure, it's often uncomfortable and tiring, but that feeling that a little person is growing inside of me makes all of the hardship so worth it.

I feel so blessed that God has honored me with the gift of giving life to another.  There is such a joy and contentment that comes with knowing that I am fulfilling the purpose to which God has called me:  being a wife and mother.

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