Monday, February 14, 2011

Five Years

In some ways, it's hard for me to comprehend that this is my fifth Valentine's Day with Drew.  Yet in other ways, it feels like it's been forever.  In a good way, of course! ;)

Our first Valentine's Day was spent apart.  We'd been dating for almost a year and Drew sent me a package in the mail.  It's sad; I don't remember what it was!  I do remember the most important part, though:  the beautiful card that was included. <3

Our second Valentine's Day was a month before we got married.  I was living with my aunt and uncle in Southlake, Texas.  We had made reservations to go out, but at the last minute, we decided to give the reservations to my aunt and uncle.  Drew grilled some steaks while I made some mashed potatoes and we had a nice romantic dinner while we babysat my five cousins!

Our third Valentine's Day was our first as a married couple.  Drew went all out on the presents!  Then, I made a special dinner for just the two of us.  It was amazing, and I don't mind saying so!

Our fourth Valentine's Day is when Drew surprised me with tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera.  I wrote a blog about it here.

This year, Drew and I celebrated yesterday, as it was more convenient for our wonderful babysitter, Abbey.  We dropped him off at 2 and went put-putting, which is one of our favorite "couple" activities. :) Afterwards, we went to Texas de Brazil.  It's Drew's favorite restaurant, and it's pretty spanky!  We were planning on going to the Melting Pot, which is my favorite restaurant, but when we called to make reservations, we discovered that they didn't have their traditional menu this weekend.  Lame.  Needless to say, we're planning on going there for our anniversary.  The evening was finished off with a movie.

All in all, it was a great way to celebrate our fifth Valentine's Day together.  Sorry, no pictures because I failed hardcore at taking them. :p


  1. I love the new design on your blog! Happy Valentines day!

  2. Oh, and thank you for the comment on my blog! I will upload some pictures from the retreat later and post them so you and others can see. Glad you had fun on your Valentines day! Mom and dad are gone right now out to eat and Whitney and I made rice and Orange Chicken. Mmmmm...

  3. you guys are such a wonderful couple! i loved spending time with you and your family over the christmas break! you guys are awesome!

  4. Tay -- I love reading the history between you and Drew. :)) you guys are such a special couple to my heart and I love you two so much :). I wish I was there to babysit my valentine -- Gabey ;)! Love you so much, sis.

    Thanks Hope! We loved having you and Faith. Will you be at FAF?



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